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  • tasha (Saturday, October 15 11 03:29 pm EDT)

    A very chic style for today's hair fashion, You can come in here and relax and get a style or your eyebrows done or whatever! Murfreesboro needs more shops like this one!!

    -LaTasha Malone

  • Sherry Malone (Saturday, October 15 11 03:42 pm EDT)

    All Praises and blessing to God. I was very impressed with the stylist skills. LaToya did a quick weave on one of the customer that I truly love and I will be back!

  • isaiah (Saturday, October 15 11 03:55 pm EDT)

    tj's hair studio is the has a great service and wonderful customers come as soon as u can

  • Kenya Howse (Saturday, October 15 11 03:58 pm EDT)

    Congratulations! May God bless you all with much success!

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